return to abnormalcy


Years ago, freedom fiends began as a schizophrenic flight of ideas that took its medicine fromtime to time. Its founders are part of the napster & winamp generation. We lived through the Kazaa platforms and eventually started a music blog based out of a beach location in new jersey.  Through our early twenty-something angst and inspiration, the site shifted towards ramblings of wild & fast nights out with strange characters. It told tall tales that danced around real truths. had a  small campus following, we think. Brett thinks it a few had a few global followers  (debateable)

The first followers were likely the friends who would come to our house to drink handles of cheap vodka with us. They started partying like us and liked that we used cool slang. That was fine with us. We all love music and felt like we were part of something special, together. We played music at parties that people had never heard before. We had our own way about us.

The official website time of death is unclear, but we will mark today as six years later…

Now we live scattered throughout the country, with years of pent up adventure and stories that demand a platform. We don’t see each other enough, but here is our attempt to rekindle a flame that always burnt on both ends.

With love,

Mr. Right


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